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Hey everyone. A little background on me. I am not a gamer, but I love my PC to be responsive. I work from home and have multiple applications open at any given moment. Multiple browsers, SQL management studio, network monitoring software, Office 2013, messenger, etc.

My PC is acceptable in speed, but it's getting time to swap the hard drive before any failures occur.

I run a home server that stores all my docs, images, music and videos, and I think I am using about 60GB of my 250GB HDD on an almost fresh install of W8. So not much happening locally.

I am trying to decide if I should get a 128GB SSD, a 256GB SSD or get one of the hybrid drives and save a little cash. I wouldn't mind faster boot times and app open times, but at the same time I don't want to break the bank.

What should I do and which one of the many great options should I get for the best bang?

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  1. I use both SSDs (Samsung 840s) and a SSHD. A SSD will give a uniformly better experience than a SSHD, but obviously cost more. The SSHD is good for things like cutting down boot times, but the cache is too small to be useful for too many things at once. I have had 128GB SSDs before, and there is nothing wrong with them. That said, they can fill up with crap quickly if you aren't paying close attention. I currently use a 240GB SSD RAID 0 array for my boot, and I find the size just about right. If you are running an Intel chipset 68 or newer, you can also use Smart Response to create a SSD cache using a small (up to 64GB) SSD or SSD partition. It works pretty well.
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    I think the SSD will be your better buy as mention above the samsung is awesome the 840.
  3. Unfortunately, I have Asus P6T SE | Core i7 920 | 5 x 2GB DDR3-1333 | AX6950 2GB DDR5 - all in a crappy case with a stock CPU fan;)

    The P6T SE has a X58 chipset. So, Smart Response is not in my books until I upgrade my board and CPU during Christmas time.

    I think that, based on the answers so far, I am best to go with a 250/256GB SSD. Also, based on all the posts I have been reading, I should be good to go with a normal 840. I think a 3 year warranty is sufficient on a hard drive. I'm sure that larger and better SSDs will be out in 3 years and I will want to upgrade anyways.

    Unless someone feels that the EVO or the PRO are a better choice for me or a different manufacturer?

    Thanks to everyone for their responses so far.
  4. I have the non Pro and it works great score 7.3 on windows.
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