GTA 5 PC Monitor graphic issues! Xbox 360

I am having graphic issues playing GTA 5 on my Samsung syncmaster s27b350. Here are the specs I am running the game at. I am using HDMI to HDMI. I am seeing flickering on buildings and trees not so much on the characters. I installed the first disc to the HDD not the second as instructed online. I also lowered the resolution to 720p and still looks bad. Any ideas?

Reference Levels: Intermediate
HDMI color space: source
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  1. where did you get gta5? or you meant gta 5 on a monitor pc?
  2. I am sorry I am playing GTA 5 on my Xbox 360 with my samsung pc monitor.
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    Hello, Sir

    I having same issue. The graphics look like DOOM2 and my eyes hurts.. So you are not alone.

    I also tried same manipultaions and have no effect. Static picture looks pretty fine, but when I move - picture becomes very terrible like DOOM2.

    I am sorry but I am really enjoying this moment when I realize that I am not the one idiot with same problems ahaha :pt1cable:

    P.S. xbox360 phat white, HDMI <-> HDMI, samsung syncmaster p2470lhd. 1080p & 720p - no effect. Dont know what to do.

    P.P.S. Update: and here we go
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