fx 8350 + 7950 or i5 4570 + gtx 760

Wondering which is the best route to go. The AMD setup would be 60$ less. I'll be using it for gaming. Keeping in mind next gen consoles are using AMD 8 cores would it be smarter to go for the AMD setup?
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  1. They are preety much on par with performance, so if it's cheaper i would go with AMD build.
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    same performance... but like kurifox told ... amd is cheaper in price
    but i suggest you to get the fx 6350 you will save some money because is really not necessary to have the fx 8350 for gaming .. the fx 8350 its only better in multi-thread performance
  3. If you go Intel, you might as well get a 4670K and a Z87 mobo.
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