Should I Go with Asus GTX770 2Gb or something else?


I want to upgrade my Ati 7770 Ghz Edition to something a little more powerful. That's a lie, i want an uber powerful card.

Basically, my concern is that i have 3 screens (1440p, 1080p, 1024p) i don't do surround gaming nor play a lot.

I play CS:GO from time to time and i have some lags at mid high settings.

Also, i have lags while working on the computer that are more likely GPU related

My question Is 2GB enough? Or shall I go with a 660 with 3GB ?

Btw, i don't want ATI anymore as i find their drivers less stable.
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  1. I suggest the 770 4GB edition, since it is more capable to handle multiple screens.
  2. ^+1, if you have a triple monitor setup i would definitly pick up the 4gb version.
    It is probably not a very high price increse from the 2gb, and it is a notable diference with multi monitor.
  3. Quote:
    You should check the SAPPHIRE Vapor-X Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition 3GB 384-bit GDDR5

    Why would you recommend that when he clearly stated:
    i don't want ATI anymore as i find their drivers less stable.
  4. The 770 GTX 4 GB is slightly over my price range since i have decided to go for another screen and a few others stuff.

    Hence my question shall i go for more RAM on a less powerful card (GTX 660) or go with 2 GB on a GTX770

    MSI after burner is showing 945MB used while playing
  5. If infact MSI afterburner is showing 2GB is being used, then go with the 770 2GB, but i would try to monitor the usage while playing newer games, like crysis 3, which needs quite a lot of RAM.
    The only other alternative, which you do not like, is buying the 3GB 7970ghz edition.
  6. Now you recommend him to buy the 7970 ?
    I said before "You should check" not buy the 7970 because i think is a good choice.
    I just said the 7970 is cheaper and maybe the same or better from GTX 770 2GB
  7. Quote:
    Now you recommend him to buy the 7970

    I am not recommending, i am saying that it is a good alternative and also i included "which you do not like", showing that i understand that he does not want an ATI card, but still saying it is good. I don't only talk about the 7970, but also about the 770, so your argument is invalid.

    I also agree with you that the 7970 is a good alternative to the 770, but i still acknowledge the fact that he does not like ATI cards, unlike your first post.

    Never mind this, i highly suggest you check out the 7970ghz edition sapphire vapor-x (in 3Dns link above) as it is the same, or better than the 770 in running multiple monitors in a good price range and still having superb performance.
  8. Best answer
    If you're not gaming on all three screens at once, you don't really need a 3/4GB card.

    I had dual 670's running Crysis 3 at 1440p long ago, and even at 8XAA they ran out of power before running out of Vram. Even at 1440p, I never experienced once a drop of frames from Vram allocation, even in a heavily modded skyrim.

    You have to remember, that in software, the ram allocated is measured, not actual usage. Measuring actual usage of Vram would be near impossible and very very consuming, due to it constantly changing every second.

    Honestly, a single 770 would run out of power long before running out of Vram, the only time it could possibly run out is in SLI configs and in future games. The fact that I never once hit the cap running a maxed out C3 should be noted.
  9. Finally after much much considerations, I'm going with the Asus GTX760 2GB
  10. I have the same Gigabyte version but i love the MSI TF also
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