What should you look out for in used graphic cards? (GTX 690)

Someone is selling a GTX 690 for over half the price, says its fully working. Huge bargain I'm guessing. Should I buy this? How strong is a GTX 690?
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    A 690 is a dual graphics card.
    Two Gpu`s on one board.

    A very high end card.
    It will play modern games without much effort at good resolutions and with most of the game graphics options turned up high.

    Just be warned if the price is good and very cheap.
    Just because it says it is in good working order does not mean it is.

    The only way to find that out is to buy it and see if it works in your system, there is the gamble.

    If you are close to the seller ask to see it working.
    If they are skeptical, and say no, then presume something is not quiet right.

    If you buy through a shop or company selling it on as second hand ask about a guarantee, or an agreement in writing that you can return the item if faulty and get your money back.

    Ebay are good on this, and should cover you on a purchase with a private seller.

    Never buy blind.
    The old saying is true.
    If it`s to good to believe, it usually turns out to be the case, so be, cautious.

    And if you can cover yourself, you have a better chance of getting your money back if it turns out to be faulty.

    Don`t be blinded or drawn in just because it is at a cheap price.

    That is were many people get caught out and end up loosing lot`s of there hard earned money, with no or little recourse of getting there money back.

    When the second had device turns out to be faulty.
  2. Well.. a new 7990 can be had for 600 dollars now, it is more powerful than the 690 and is new as compared to the older model.

    But yeah, there still are some issues to be sorted out with AMD crossfire, but they are being solved quickly.

    For single 1080p monitor the 7990 should be better performing with 13.8 catalyst drivers.

    For multi monitors or higher resolutions the 690 should be better.
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