PC usually freezes and locks up


Randomly my PC just freezes and locks up and my only option is to reset it. Nothing responds and it gives a loud buzzing noise.Today for example i I booted up my PC and began to update GW2, then it happened. It also tends to happen if im on youtube.

My temps are normal, nothings ever gone too high.

Here is a video it happening http://youtu.be/o-wJ4-eAAWw?t=2m45s
This isnt my video - just an example, ive never had issues when running games. its just random.

PC specs

i5 2500k @ 3.5Ghz ( still happens if i go back to stock - 3.3ghz)
GIGABYTE GTX 570(factory OC) @ 1080P - 320.49 drivers

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  1. any suggestions?
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