Need Help in Upgrading my Motherboard MSI B75A-G43

hello guys need help in MSI B75A-G43 GAMING MOBO...
My processor is Intel i5 2320 Sandy Bridge.
and im going to upgrade my mobo...
My Option is the MSI B75A-G43 GAMING.
Can my Processor RUN smoothly with this MSI Mobo?
Im new in Computer upgrading so I really dont know the basics... :(
thank you so much!
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    Yes, the i5 can run with your MB. CPU support list from MSI:
  2. @cin19
    Yes sir its on the cpu support list of the mobo, but
    the Compatible Chipsets of my CPU are:

    Intel® H61 Express Chipset
    Intel® H67 Express Chipset
    Intel® H77 Express Chipset
    Intel® P67 Express Chipset
    Intel® Z68 Express Chipset
    Intel® Z75 Express Chipset
    Intel® Z77 Express Chipset

    and the chipset of the mobo is B75 Expreess Chipset...
    thats why im comfused... :(
  3. Because your i5 was out before the B75 MB launch, and they maybe don't update the list. But from the CPU facts: CPU socket LGA1155, TDP 95W and those march the MB specifications. That it will work.
  4. WOW! :D thanks cin19 you are really a MOBO MASTER :)
    thank you so much.. :)
    one last question Using this MOBO MSI B75A-G43 GAMING and my i5 2320 if I will put a VGA:MSI GTX 760 Twin Frozr 2gb/256bit Is it gonna Run smoothly? :)
  5. Your MB has the pcie3.0, so the GPU will work perfectly, also the card is the lower power consumption as long as your PSU ( good brand) has 1X6pin (4x+4X) and 1X8pin (4X+4X) PCI-E Connectors.
  6. Thats really nice to hear sir cin19 im rest assured that my build will work very very well... :D
    since you mentioned PSU, I have one PSU in mind that im going to upgrade along with the motherboard and VGA I mentioned earlier...

    Cooler Master Thunder M 620W 620watts Modular

    here in our country it cost around $64 and this is the PSU
    that I find that is way cheaper than the other brands and come to think of it, it is a Modular type PSU, it has also 2 PCI-E connectors so my VGA will work just fine... :)

    My question is;

    Is this a Good Buy/Type/Brand PSU even its way cheaper than the other brands in the market? :)
    And sir feel free to suggest some brands that is better and that is fitted in my system.. ^_^

    thank you again sir cin19...
    More Power..
  7. The most of CM PSUs are not the top one, one member from TH site has the webpage for PC Power Supply Recommendations, you can check out the link and the store you buy. And you can get one from the recommend list. You also can find more info from other source too.
  8. thanks sir cin19 for the reply again.. :D
    thank you for the help... :D
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