ntoskrnl.exe Driver Power State Failure Fix

I just recently bought and built a desktop computer. (Well Fry's put it together) Everything was going great until my computer went to sleep for the first time. Upon awakening my computer crashed and proceeded to tell me that I had a driver power state failure.

Upon talking with a friend that's in the IT business, he had me download a BSOD file reader to find out what the problem was. Turns out that the cause of my troubles was this little driver here ntoskrnl.exe which I understand is a driver within the windows OS itself and not something I really had control of. I preformed a clean install hoping to resolve the issue, but to my dismay this problem continues. Everything else on my comp works brilliantly, but this slight flaw is annoying me to no end. So with this information and knowing I've already tried a clean install, can anyone give me a solution for this issue for Windows 8. I'd really rather not take my comp in for something like this, especially because it is a software issue and I bought an OEM disc.

Thanks for all your help, any solutions at all would be preferable to where I am now. If you need additional info, I'll try and give it.
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  1. Using command prompt and making sure you have an internet connection run sfc /scannow which should fix a potential system file error. If the problem persists(I don't really see the problem, however) run a system repair. Also, what about the reinstallation failed?
  2. I already tried a system repair which did not fix the problem. As for the re-installation, everything went smoothly, but the problem persisted when I woke up my computer from sleep mode. I will try your suggestion though, thank you.
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