BIOS won't save boot-up in RAID 0 from start to next start

In order to boot, I have to F8 and select raid 0 every time. The BIOS does not offer the raid volume as an option, even though it shows in F8.
System seems to work fine, once its started. How do I get the BIOS to boot into the RAID automatically?

SYSTEM: Windows 7 Pro, Asus P9X79PRO MB, BIOS: American Megatrend 4210, CPU: Intel Core i7-3820@3.60GHz, Raid 0:Intel c600 series SATA RAID controller, 2 Disks, Samsung SSD 840 Pro Series
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  1. The RAID setup is (on my machine) native to the Intel chip and is outside the BIOS. When I boot, my machine first references the BIOS, goes through a cycle to see the RAID, goes back to the BIOS and boots.

    The firmware for the RAID is located on the CPU on my machine, and I speculate, also on yours.

    My boot is to a RAID 0 Samsung 840 Pro 256 (x2) boot drive.
  2. Hi Chester, I looked at the Intel program, and it didn't seem to help. The Raid is working fine. I think my issue is to get the BIOS to see the RAID, and then let me save the RAID as a boot option?
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