AMD xp sp3 install endless reboot

The computer of my friend went nuts on xp so i suggested to upgrade to Windows 8, but no cd's of any kind with the computer. Format. I installed (legit) xp sp2 . Created a cd image from Microsoft site to get sp3 since my Windows 8 needs xp sp3 to install . Installed on my pc (blue screen, now ok with patch), but reboot endlessly, and can not access bios when restart the computer with escape key (only f8 (drive boot) works) the escape key works fine on Windows, on the control panel, yellow signs on bus, vga, ethernet card. Download lan driver from Asus site. Took a look on Win 32 and saw 3 folders named: oem dios. My question is: can i delete the 3 bios oem folders to regain my access to the bios and to cure the reboot problem.I saw threads to suggest to delete : intel ppm but nothing like that on my windows xp sp2.

motherboard: asus M4A785-M
processor: AMD athlon2 x3 435 2.91 ghz 1.75 go ram

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Asus M4A785-M

    Windows 8 is not supported for that motherboard:
  2. Thanks a lot, didn't notice that fact. But since xp won' tbe supported after spring of 2014 i still want to upgrade, now it will be 7 but can i install 7 on xp sp2? If it takes xp sp3 i have the same rebooting problem...
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    You have to install Windows 7 on to a fresh, empty partition. You can't add it to your existing XP as an upgrade.
    You can upgrade Vista to windows 7, but not XP.
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