Building a new gaming PC

So I am planning to build a new pc within 1 week.And I was wondering what do you guys think.

Intel Core i7-4770K
Cooler Master, Hyper TX3
Asus MAXIMUS VI HERO ( Republic of Gamers )
2x4GB ( 8GB ) DDR3 1600MHz, G.SKILL ripjaws
1000GB 7200.12 3.5"
Asus DVD+-RW DL SATA black
Zalman Z11 gaming

Now, I really want the i7(I know, 4670k is just fine for gaming)
I was thinking about using the inbuilt HD4600 gpu in i7 until BF4 comes in never settle bundle from AMD then get the GPU and the game for free.
Now my concern is where do i plug in the monitor if i don't have gpu ^^I'm sorry if it sounds funny to you but i just can't figure out where do i plug in the vga/hdmi cable ^^

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    Into the motherboard Video out connector. On that board, use the HDMI connection
  2. That motherboard only has an HDMI connecctor though, be sure you can connect that to your monitor.
  3. If you are going to be overclocking replace the existing cooler with CM 212 evo/plus
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