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I want to download the software for viewing the videos that I have captured in my sony hanycam mini DV. I want to get the videos in my P.C so help me wha to do ? what to download ? MY MODEL OF camera IS DCR HC38E
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  1. You can try here -
    If you want to transfer the videos from the camera to the computer you will need a Firewire cable:

    4 pin to 6 pin (for connecting to a desktop computer)

    4 pin to 4 pin (if connecting to a laptop)

    You can't transfer the video via a USB cable with this Handycam. You may also need a firewire card if your computer does not have a firewire connection on it.
    As for capturing the video you can use Windows Movie Maker to capture the video from the camera to the computer. Any other video editing software should work as well.
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