Dell studio xps 1645 - new motherboard - no POST, no fans

Had problems booting the laptop (no fans, no POST) and bought a new motherboard for it.
Problem persists.

1) Laptop gets power (tried with and without cord, with and without battery).
2) Lights turn on
3) No POST, no fans, no beeps, nothing :(

I've tried to double-check for unplugged pins but everything seems to be in order.
I'm guessing a bad power connector or a failed motherboard swap?

Any way to confirm?
Any other ideas?
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  1. did you buy the motherboard used or new?
  2. New, straight from Dell as a replacement part. Identical to the previous one.

    I'd be really surprised if I fumbled the motherboard swap somehow, everything went smoothly and although this was my first real hw job for a laptop, I've done my fair share of those for PCs.
  3. What I normally do for laptops is I take them apart fix what ever double check all of the ribbon cables making sure they all are making contact to what they should be not attaching the screen or anything else. Then I only us the power supply for the laptop and then I hook the laptop to an external monitor and normally without the power switch mounted to anything I press it and make sure it powers up before further assembly. Sometimes things can get pinched, or knocked out of place, so this is why I do this. Another thing I would consider is finding another laptop charger. I had a couple dells come in that won't post with or without the adapter or post with the battery. So you could go to a electronic store of your preference and bring in your adapter and say find me this sometimes a little more power can help to. depending on how the plug is shaped you probably could try another charger that you have laying around if you have an extra
  4. also don't fully mount the keyboard
  5. Aight, thanks for the tips, really good ones! I'll re-do the assembly when I find the time for it :)

    (as you might notice, I've been too busy to even check this thread again, sorry about that)
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