Brand new system won't turn on with GFX plugged into the system

I Bought below system at

N82E16813130695 MB MSI|Z87-G41 PC MATE Z87 1150
N82E16820148721 MEM 2x8G|CRUCIAL BLS2K8G3D169DS3
N82E16820721107 SSD KINGSTON|SV300S37A/120G
N82E16827151269 DVD BURN SAMSUNG | SH-224DB/RSB
N82E16819116899 CPU INTEL|CORE I5 4670K 3.4G 6M
N82E16814127751 VGA MSI|N770-2GD5/OC GTX 770 2GD5
N82E16822148910 HDD 2T|ST STBD2000101 7K R
N82E16817256087 PSU SILVERSTONE | ST60F-PS 600W

According to their psu calculator i needd 557W approximately.
I bought a 600W thinking this would be more than enough to handle this system.

So when i tried to boot up my system for the first time. it did nothing.
Forgot the extra motherboard power cable.
I plugged that one in. And was all giddy about my stupid mistake.

I try to start my system again. Nothing.
So i figure oh god what if the psu is not strong enough.
So i take out the gfx power cable.

And my system turns on.

Now i have 3 theories.
1. My PSU isn't strong enough to run this config.
2. the on board graphics are pulling to much power
3. Somehow the bios is set-up wrong and the pci-E is disabled.

Any ideas?

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  1. Best answer
    Bad card..... Recent Asus build I did resulted in CPU LED lighting whenever I plugged in 2nd GFX card.

    Call MSI, it's all new stuff have them guide you thru troubleshooting process.
  2. I'm going to take out the card and see if i need to re-seat it i guess. really hope it's not dead >.<
  3. Well if its within the warranty, you can still send it back.

    The power supply is fine.
  4. Alrighty, So the card is going for RMA today.
    MSI told me to plug it into the 2nd PCI-E slot (4x)

    it still didn't work.
    so it's on it's way back to newegg. (great service btw)
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