If mobo supports FX 6300, will 6350 work too?

My friend is looking to upgrade his old Phenom X3 processor to get some more FPS in various CPU intensive games. He has an ASUS M5A78-M motherboard.

Changing the motherboard is not an option, so it has to be an AM3+ processor that doesn't cost over 150 euros. I ended up with FX-6850, because it has nice performance and only costs about 120 euros here.

The problem is that the motherboard CPU support list only mentions FX-6300, but says nothing about FX-6350 which is a bit more powerful CPU. Will 6350 work with the motherboard or should I play safe and just buy the 6300? If I end up with the 6300, could it be overclocked to 3,9 GHz from the stock 3.5GHz with that cheap mobo?
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    Yes :)

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