[Router] Help plz ! connecting two lan (without wan)


I'm lost. I would like to connect 2 separate lan, only with an rj45.
BUT ! i'm finding only router lan > Wan; but i dont need it, i just want to define some static route through lan. I can't set vlan, switchs are too old :/

Do you have hardware reference that could do this ?

My problem is : I would like to connect some PCs with 172.11.X.X subnet class B to a giant printer on 192.168.1.X class C.

Thanks a lot !
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  1. You can't that is what the definition of a router is.

    Now if you have hooked all this stuff up to some switches and connected it all together you can use a hack to make it work. You can assign a secondary ip to the PC in the 192.168.1.x/24 network. The pc will then have a IP on each network. This is a very bad design but it should work ok.

    Maybe the printer has the ability to have a secondary IP in the 172.11.x.x network which would be less things to modify but it hard to say if you can do it or not.
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