After trying several Mice, only an old Microsoft Optical is accurate in Windows 7

I have tried buying a newer MIcrosoft 4500 with bluetrack technology, a logitech gaming mouse G400. I've tried removing all drivers and installing the MarC windows DPI fix (running at 125% DPI). There seems to be nothing at all that I could try that would make any of those mice accurate, they are supper jumpy when moving from side to side. I have a fairly powerful rig with 8 Cores, 12gb ram, CPU doesn't peak at all.

Running Windows 7.

Have any of you experienced this at all? Thanks!
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  1. Something to try:

    Go Start --> Control Panel --> Mouse

    Under the "Pointer Options" tab, uncheck "enhance pointer precision."

    I have seen that setting cause issues with gaming mice on Windows 7 64-bit.
  2. I've been using a Kensington trackball for about 20 years. No complaints. Much better for FPS gaming once you get used to it.
  3. I've tried unchecking and checking the Mouse Enhance Pointer Precision, no difference really.

    I created a comparison image so you can see how each behave, this problem is so annoying.
  4. could you reduce the dpi sensing on that mouse and does your desk is having a high reflective surface ?
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