PC BUILD HELP (3d modeling and physics simulation)

i need a computer and i've never acctualy bought any desktops before, therefore i need to but from the computer to the keyboard, (mouse not needed)
i do 3d modeling and physics simulations in high definition but i acctually don't know what part should i have extra is better, i'm aiming for a best build but not a crazy one, i'm not going for amd for both GPU and CPU, intel for cpu, i'm thinking xeon e7 but it the difference worth it rather than buying an i7? i mean it's only for one computer, and the difference is like 4000 pounds.
and to match it a mother board?
no i know absolutly nothing about motherboards but i don't care if the sound card is crappy, where should i start looking at for motherboards? and i heard there are different pins for different cpus? so how does tht work?
then there the cooling and the case which also i know little about
do now-a-days computer need a ethernet adapter? how about the USB adapter (3.0 woul be the best)
what hard disk? (but could i not just take my hard drive from the laptop?) and what is a boot drive? do i need those?
for the GPU, i'm planning to go slam on and buy a best sli (but not a titan), gtx prefered because quadros are just too expensive.
speakers? keyboard?
i'm trying to keep the total under 3500 pounds but 5000 is the maximum
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