Help building a PC for $700-800

I want to build the best possible intel-based PC that I can for my budget. There are no chances I can go over this price point, as I've already raised by price from $600. I want to be able to run things like Battlefield 4, ArmA III, and Assassins Creed 4. Also, I already have a 650w PSU.
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  1. hate to tell you but you're better off with an AMD build at that price point. Especially if your goal is BF4 which will use as many cores as you can throw at it. if you're willing to bump up the $$ a bit into the 900-1000 range you'll get a very nice intel that can game those better then an amd... but from 600-800 its hard for intel to compete.
  2. Do you need an opperating stem keyboard and mouse also
  3. Also any optical drive
  4. If all you need is windows here is a good one
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    Agree you could get a really good AMD based rig that would run any game at a good resolution and frame rate but on the intel side you would need more money.

    Also with say a FX-6350 and a good GPU you would be able to run any game at about the same quality as an intel.

    I have a FX-8120 based and a FX-8350 based rig and both of them can handle gaming as good as my i5 3570K and I spend less on each of them than I did on my intel.
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