Help with case fans (Rosewill Thor V2) (noob question)

Hey all. 1st time builder here. I read about this same question here, I've asked friends, etc. I still don't get it. I need this in first grade terms. Would be much appreciated.

This case has 4 fans. Each fan has a cable coming from it. From the top of the case there are 6 connectors (A1,A2,A3,B1,B2,B3). Do the cables coming from the fans plug into these? Or the mono? What do I do with all these 6 A/B connectors. This is a nice case, but the instruction manual is terrible. Thanks in advance all, again first grade terms please.

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  1. Frank if the case has a fan controller...a small board that takes case power and splits it. There should be a four prong molex power plug to power the fan controller. The a0 and a1 ect is the port numbering on the fan controller. I put the front fans on a ports and rear fans on b, that leave you a free front and rear port if you add more fans.
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    Connect the top fan to A1.**
    Connect the rear fan to A2.**
    Connect the front fan to B1.**
    Connect the side fan to B2.**

    Leave A3 and B3 alone unless you add more fans to the case.

    There are two molex connectors (go on google images for a picture of molex connectors) also in the bundle of cables. Connect both to your power supply. This is what powers your fans. The electricity goes through the molex connectors to the two knobs on the case. Then you twist the knobs to provide electricity to the fans.

    So, in summary, none of the case fans are connected to your motherboard.

    Only the fans related to your CPU core processor are connected to the motherboard.

    ** This is just a suggestion; you can do other combinations if you feel like you should based on what you want to control with the A knob versus the B knob.
  3. The 6 fan connectorrs (A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 and B3) can connect to any additional fan you don't connect to the motherboard.
    Don't worry about the two pin connectors. Connect them to the 4 pin fan connectors and they work.

    The right fan control know in front of the case controls the speed of the "A" fan connectors and the left one controls the speed of the "B" fan connectors.

    The speed change is very, very slight. Hold a light to the fan blades and play with the knobs. You'll see a speed change.

    Also, by connecting additional fans to these connectors instead of the Mobo, you'll not be able to monitor the speeds thru the bios.
  4. Thanks for this answer, crisuskeer. The case user guide provides no mention of what to do with those connectors.
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