Total Noob Looking to Build 1st PC Ever

Guys and Gals,

Please think of me as a complete idiot when it comes to computers. I am 31 years old and have no clue what I am doing when it comes to building a computer. I spent about 45 minutes on this site trying to research how to build a computer. It's like a whole new language to me. I drive trucks for a living if that helps anyone understand that I am totally computer-building illiterate. I know how to use a computer but not how to build one. You might as well ask me to build a rocket and fly to the moon.

Here's my situation: I want to buy a PS4 to play first person shooter games. I've been told more than a handful of times to forget about PS4 and just build a PC and get more for my buck.

I have $600 to play with. I already have a 24" LED HD Monitor, kick a$$ computer speakers (at least IMO), a keyboard, a mouse, and an electrical outlet. All I need is the PC and everything inside.

Here's my goal: I am blown away by PS4's graphics and fluid gameplay. If I can build a PC that is equal to PS4 with the ability to possibly even upgrade down the road, for $600...I'll be happy.

Who is willing to help me? I just need a list of parts. My old man' is a senior IT guy and will build the PC for free but he has no clue what to get for gaming. Thanks in advance!!
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  1. Not much of a budget, a ps4 might be better off. But select a build here~ and that will work and its all compatible.
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