Want to know if you can use any fan header to run case fans

I have 8 fan headers on my motherboard (ASUS Maximus V FORMULA) CPU, CHA, etc. I want to know if you can use any of those to run fans.
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  1. CPU header should be used for your CPU cooler. The rest are chasis (CHA) fans, and you can plug any fans in (just make sure they match; 3 pin fans to 3 pin headers, etc, unless they're built to fit either). Only 4-pin PWM fans can be controlled by the motherboard though.

    Good luck!
  2. Due to an inability of some boards to control 3 pin fans, I have my cpu fans connected to the cha headers and other fans on the cpu headers. My board(Maximus IV Gene-z) increases the cha fans speeds with cpu temperatures anyway :)

    As said above some boards will not control 3 pin fans on all headers. In the case of my board, only cpu and cpu-opt will not control 3 pin fans(they run fine, but at full speed due to a lack of voltage control), all other headers are fine with 3 pin or 4 pin fans.
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    Plus even if you can't control the speed case fans will still work just fine the fans will just run full speed though. It would be the same as if you plugged them into a molex connector with a adapter. I know on my Asus Z77 Sabertooth all of the fan headers are able to control even three pin fans.
  4. Thanks, for all the good info
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