PLZ H E L P! Laptop doesnt boot!

After some messing around with my processors, checking if they were soldered to the motherboard, I closed my laptop up and when I hit the power nothing happens but the light flashes for half a sec. Plz help!
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  1. Have you gone back and rechecked any connections you might have loosened?

  2. Your gonna have to "undo" whatever ya managed to do while you were in there.
  3. I unplugged pretty much everything except for the graphics, and plugged them back in. The one that went fromnthe power button o the mobo , the connector fell off so I put it back on with some tweezers. Then I put it in. I didn't make any changes to it.
  4. Well you have a bad connection or broke something in the laptop. You are going to have to take it apart again and recheck every connection and hope you did not break a connection on one of the ribbon cables.
  5. There was a white clamp thing that held in the ribbon from the power button. It fell off, when I put it back on, it seemed much looser. But the ribbon is in all the way.
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