Hardware or Software Problems with ASUS Xonar DX

Hello guys, I recently got the ASUS Xonar DX sound card. I really love the sound quality that this card produces. The only problem I am having with the sound card is that my speakers randomly switch L/R channels after reboot. For example, whenever the channels are switched, the left channel comes out of the right speaker and vice versa. The speakers are at correct channels most of the time but they tend to switch randomly after about 1 of every 3 reboots which is very strange. I am not sure whether this is a hardware problem or a software/driver problem. I tried re-installing Xonar DX audio center with no avail. I have not had this problem with my onboard audio.
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  1. Is the onboard audio off??? Is windows sound set up trying to use hdmi sound as main output??? Tried the sound card in another slot to rule out it and another part trying to use same Irq or memory range.
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