just upgraded to ssd. what should i do with hdd?

I just upgraded hdd to ssd. I already did clean installation of OS onto SSD. what should i do with hdd? external with sata to usb adapter or just use as internal? I'm currently using it as internal hdd for storage. I saw on forum that ppl suggesting use hdd as external hard drive. that's why i'm asking.

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    I personally would use it for storage as most personal files do not need the ssd speed.

    Some users like the idea of external storage, but most of the time needing a power supply and all that is not always nice.

    My personal setup is

    Media center
    128gigabyte SSD (Crucial M4) for Windows and programs.
    1tb 2.5 hdd(WDC Scorpio Blue) for media recordings.
    3tb 3.5 inch(WDC RED) for file storage across the network.
    3tb backup(WDC Mybook usb 3.0). It is only switched on for backups then back off.
    2tb backup(old backup drive. Stores older files that are not longer "needed" but I still wish to hang onto)

    Main system(in all honestly the media center system is used WAY more for music and surfing the net)
    2 x 256gigabyte SSDs for Windows + Games
    ALL files are over the network(before this I had a 2TB drive for files, but got sick of having to keep files synced(why have multiple picture/music/video libraries) from system to system.).

    I plan to change some of the other systems to this setup as backups are MUCH more easy this way.
  2. I would use it internal myself unless you can benefit from moving it around, I would try set any temporary locations and any large filing (page file etc) to the HDD and save some write life on the SSD
  3. Use it as an Internal Storage device man. Don't make it an external drive by using adapters.
    The internal HDD's are a bit Fragile for that, there's a huge risk of damaging it.
  4. yes, i would like to use it as internal hdd. I have 3 external hdds which are way more than enough for me. I only concern because some people like it to use as external hdd, so i'm wondering putting ssd together with hdd would decrease the performance of ssd? (windows boot and programs loading) ??? this question may be pretty lame. lol. I think ssd performance is nothing concern with internal hdd, right? just want to make sure.

  5. You are 100% right.

    The only time performance would be affected would be if you install programs to the hard drive and only those programs will be affected.
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