Computer turns off immediately after turning it on

I recently built a budget gaming rig that has these components:

I press the power button and it turns on just long enough for the fans to light up and spin around once (like half a second) and then shuts down. If I try that again it doesn't do anything until I unplug plug it back in and hit the power button again. After a while of unplugging and plugging in the PSU cable, the computer booted and it worked just fine. Then, when we moved the computer back to my house and tried to turn it on, the same thing happened. Every time I try to start it up, it just shuts down. I have always been able to get it started however, until I received an XFX Radeon HD 6870 1 Gb. When I shut the computer down and tried to install the card into the motherboard and tried to start it back up, it did the same. But this time, I can't get it to start at all. I've tried uninstalling the card and starting it back up, but again with no success. I've been at it for multiple hours but still nothing is working.

If at all possible, I would like to find the source of this problem and to fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated. As this computer isn't only a computer to game on, it's also a computer to help to work, so speed is also greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Any error codes or beeps? Its possible when you moved it some parts were loosened or moved slightly. So I'd try reseating cables, cards, ram ect...
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    The latest (non-beta) bios for that board was released 2013/04/08, and your cpu wasn't supported before that. It is possible that you need a bios update. Are you able to boot into the bios long enough to check what version you have? You want at least F3.
  3. Did you plug in the auxiliary CPU power cable? It should be near the top left of the motherboard.
  4. Thanks everybody for the fast replies, sorry I wasn't able to reply as fast

    @dreamerz The computer doesn't even stay on long enough to give a beep code. I have also tried to reseat the different components but to no avail.

    @jimthenagual Not really. Like I said, it doesn't even stay on long enough to spin the fans more than once, so there would be no way for me to get to the bios. Besides, could that even cause that problem?

    @Deemo13 Yes, that cable is securely in the motherboard.

    As I said in the OP, I bought the motherboard open-box on Newegg. Would a faulty motherboard cause this? The only other thing I can think it would be is a bad PSU. Luckily the one I bought had a 10 year warranty, if that is the problem.
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