Weird problem with the motherboard?

About a week ago I successfully built my very first PC! It was running perfectly fine, until one night I moved the system back into my room and attempted to install a new Windows update. The system would not turn on, and the motherboard had the red light of doom, so I had to force-shut off and try again. Thankfully flipping the on/off switch on the PSU brought it back, but I had plenty of problems with the update afterwards (now fixed however).

Anyways a weird problem came up, once again involving the red lighted mobo. I got some new extension cords for my case fans today (a molex adapter and a 2-way fan extension cord), and I plugged them into some unused front fans on my case directly into the PSU.

Closed it up, plugged the computer back in, then turned on the system. Red light. WTF?

So I opened it up, unplugged the fans from the PSU as it was before, and let it be. Put the case back on, plugged it in, booted up... And now it's fine.

Why is my motherboard even reacting to this? The fans aren't even connected directly to the motherboard; they're connected directly into the PSU? Also the PSU I'm using is a 1000v - so I would think that it could easily handle the extra fans... :I

I'm new to this so am I grossly underestimating how much power is needed to run 4 extra case fans? Or is there something else going on that I'm missing here... It almost seems like something may be happening whenever I turn on/off the PSU (even though the computer is already shut off).

Here are some of my computer specs if it should matter:

Motherboard: ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0
Processor: AMD FX-9370 Vishera 4.4GHz 8-core
GPU: Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon HD9750 3GB
PSU: Cooler Master v1000
RAM: Kingston 16GB
Case: Rosewill BLACKHAWK-ULTRA Gaming Super Tower Computer Case, support up to HPTX, come with Eight Fans, (4 frontal fans I was trying to plug into the power supply today; no go)

(I can post up more system info if needed, but it seemed unnecessary. Just let me know~ Thanks in advance)
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    refer to mobo manual see what the red light means, second check for shortcuts in your cables happened to me once or two after connecting old fans
  2. Might be a tad bit late. But the FX-9370 is a 220w CPU. Your mobo specs on Asus' website state that mobo supports up to 140w cpus.
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