Slow SATA new high end custom PC

computer works fine but seems slow. I've attached screen shots of the device manager.

Windows 7 Ultimate

Intel 4770k Haswell socket 1150
ASUS z87 Pro
Crucial memory DDR3 1600MHz 24GB
Video is current the on board until card comes. Intel 4600 is what the onboard has
Power Supply is Corsair 850GX
LG 14x Blu-Ray RW
All in Coarsair graphite 600-T case

It just seem slow like a bad part or drive issue. The bios is already on the latest version. no conflicts in the device manager.

Overall everything works but seems like this computer should just be so much faster.

thanks for any help.

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  1. Which part are you basing your "slow" judgement? with the windows experience index only? Don't trust that WEI. It's bullcrap. Try running some benchmarks to see. Download HD Tune to check your drive
  2. you're using intel hd 4600 graphics? yeah... that will feel sluggish. it's pretty awful. throw in the fact you said nothing about an ssd... and depending on what your old computer was you might not even notice the improved cpu.
  3. I just showed the windows experience to show the rating is low on the graphics and drive. I know it's pretty crappy.

    I have a dell xps 8100 i7 and this seems slower than that. the screen redraw seems slow. launching a program is slow.

    concerned it's a sata driver issue. only other things I can think of are the integrated intel 4600 and the sata western digital 1tb drive.

    I've ran western digitals program to check the drive seems to check out and I do realize it's not SSD, which would definitely help but this seems like intel dual core slow with 1gb memory running windows 7.

    I've tried to isolate it with another hard drive same result. disconnected the blu-ray rw and even changed the memory out with new module.

    I've tried the hard drive in both sets of sata drive ports also. the yellow and black and same speed there.
  4. I put a crap ATI Radeon 5450 in and disabled the onboard video Intel 4600 and it's like night and day. thanks for the help.
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    told you. intel onboard graphics really really suck. they benchmark fairly well, but anyone actually using them will tell you the benchmarks don't tell close to the full story. intel hd 4600 benches almost identical to the igpu on an a4, and anyone who has used the a4 will come away thinking the a4 is a much more powerful igpu then the hd 4600... the end user experience for the igpu on the intel cpus is radically different then the benching results.

    which i attribute to terrible driver support. chipzilla isn't a dumb company, and they know their stuff. their igpu i'm sure is a technical marvel. however they're decades behind nvidia and amd with their driver support software. the situation for intel hd graphics might be better in 3 years, but it isn't there today.
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