2 Graphics Card, 1 pc Advantage or no?

So im upgrading my pc this days, and im getting a better gpu
Currenlty im running a Geforce GTX 450 gpu and im getting an sapphire hd 7950

I might sell my gefroce gtx 450 LATER on.

So when i have 2 gpus, Is it an advantage to run both of them in 1 motherboard and one screen until i sell my old one?
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  1. You shouldn't, Conflicts in the drivers will possibly arise and will probably damage your motherboard and your GPUs.

    Very few motherboards however support this, but still best not to have 2 different GPUs in a single board.
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    You can't run different cards on a same mobo. It won't work. You need to have the same cards to run it on xfire / sli
  3. 7950 is almost twice as fast as GTX 450 or even more. Keep 7950 alone.
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