Suggestion on coller master thunder m 620w modular

Cooler Master Thunder M 620W 620watts Modular

here in our country it cost around $64 and this is the PSU
that I find that is way cheaper than the other brands and come to think of it, it is a Modular type PSU, it has also 2 PCI-E connectors so It will perfectlly fit in the vga that im going to buy whch is the lga 1155 msi b75 gaming mobo with 4pcs ddr3 ram..

My question is;

Is this a Good Buy/Type/Brand PSU even its way cheaper than the other brands in the market? :)
And please feel free to suggest some brands that is better and that is fitted in my system? :)

My system:
i5 2320 sb (owned)
Lga 1155 msi b75 gaming (not yet)
16G 4gx4 ddr3 (owned)
msi gtx 760 tf ddr5 oc (not yet)
8pcs 120mm fan
500g sata hdd
internel dvd drive...
stock cpu fan cooler

Thank you guys... :)

.. ^_^
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  1. Best answer
    Very poor PSU.

    Look for , Seasonic , XFX , Corsair , Antec .

    You don't want to go too cheap on your PSU , it's the heart of your system.Also going too cheap can possibly cause damage to your other components.
  2. You have already answered your own question: the PSU
    that I find that is way cheaper than the other brands
    . This is a cheap psu and I would not trust it. Look for XFX, Corsair (TX or HX), Seasonic or Antec.

  3. Thank you for the inputs sirs...
    I thought of buying it already ahahaha
    Good thing i ask here first...
    Thanks you so much sirs.. :)
    Ill just save money too buy good quality psu... BIG thanks :)
  4. thank you again guys for helping :D
  5. Your very welcome!
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