Have new AS Rock Motherboard and can't figure out which CPU cooler will fit.

(First post) I'm building a 6 monitor system with this motherboard: ASRock 970 EXTREME4 AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard with UEFI BIOS,
and this CPU: AMD FD6100WMGUSBX FX-6100 Processor - Six Core, 8MB L3 Cache, 6MB L2 Cache, 3.30GHz

How do I determine which CPU cooler will fit? When we built an Intel system the cooler came with the processor...
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  1. Any AM2 AM3, FM1 or FM2 cooler will fit that socket, here is an example of one that will fit:
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    Most coolers these days fit multiple motherboard platforms.
    Just check that AM3 is supported.
    And... some coolers are 160mm in height. If you are using a small form factor case, that will be an issue.
    If I am not mistaken, the FX-6100 includes a cpu cooler.
    You might want a better cooler if you are overclocking, or if you want your cpu to be more quiet under load.

    May I ask the purpose of this 6 monitor build?
    Typically, it is for a stock monitoring system.
    If so, go down to compusa and look at the seiki 50" 4k display demo. The picture is stunning! $1000 or so. The single 3840 x 2160 monitor has about 8m pixels.
    One could size each chart individually and move then around on the single display space
  3. Thank you. I just have a lot of inventories and programs open to keep in front of me all day, plus a few email accounts. I've been using 2 monitors for years and just need more, with all the browser tabs it makes sense.
    My processor from Tiger Direct was $95 but came in blister pack. Looked hokey No cooler??!!
    It also looks like the AS Rock motherboard has somewhat atypical CPU fan mounting holes, but I always had Intel, so maybe that's why?
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