i5 (socket 1155) MOBO w/ 1x PCIe x16, 1x PCIe x1, 4 PCI (32-bit) slots


As the title suggests, I'm in a dire need of such a motherboard. I'm almost sure that such a breed of boards is not manufactured but still want to confirm after taking you guys' expert opinions.

Preferred brands: Asus (first choice) & Gigabyte

Thanks a lot in advance for all the help and precious advises.
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  1. boosted1g said:
    For socket 1155 boards with 4 pci slots newegg only shows 4, 3 of which area jetway and one gigabyte board with a b75 chipset, that is out of stock.

    What things are you using to need 4 pci slots? Might be able to get some pcie versions or do somethig else to reduce the number of pci slots you need.

    This GB mobo seems to be my thing. But I'm afraid it's not available with my suppliers.

    I'll connect 1 4-port serial PCI card and 3 PCI-X 4-port LAN cards, which brings up the question whether they'll fit in PCI 32-bit slots. Will they?

    EDIT: Besides those PCI cards, I'll need to connect a PCIe sound card and GTX 770 GPU.
  2. boosted1g said:
    If we can get you down to three pci slots then there are 4 different ASUS motherboards avialible for that.

    I'll believe one of those is P8H77-V LE. Which are the other 3?
  3. boosted1g said:
    If you are running 3 4-port lan cards sounds like you should be on a server board.

    Should be able to get the lan cards in pci-e as well.

    You can go to, intel motherborads and select 1155 socket and 4 PCI in the advanced search parameters and find the other boards. I would really not advise buying any board made from jetway though.

    OK. Here's the complete scenario:

    I already have workstation PC (this mobo and Intel PRO/1000 quad port PCI-X server adapters) and running everything just fine. Now I want to combine the configuration of this WS with my gaming rig. So now all 4 PCI/PCI-X cards will need to be accommodated within the gaming rig (which will already have 1 PCIe x1 and 1 PCIe x16 occupied by sound and GPU). The reason why I need to combine them is due to all the different kinds of management hassle I've put myself into, by having two separate PCs.

    Of course PSU considerations will also need to be revisited. Correct?

    I can't shop with newegg and amazon here in Dubai :( !!! AFAIK they only ship to US and Canada. Right?

    EDIT: P8Z77-V LK or LX also have only 3x PCI.
  4. Best answer

    If you could find these two in your country or somewhere that would ship to you, should be set
  5. eatmypie said:

    If you could find these two in your country or somewhere that would ship to you, should be set

    This mobo is EXACTLY the one I need.

    So it's decided then. There's no Asus or GB mobo available on this planet earth nowadays for my particular needs :).

    I'll look into the possibility getting this Jetway mobo to Dubai at a reasonable cost.

    Thank you so much guys for your kind support.
  6. might want to close it so it doesn't get bumped anymore if you are all set
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