Help please. Graphics card trouble, ( at the end of my tether)

ok i this is my pc

asrock extreme z7? motherboard with intel i7 quad 3770 cpu
16 gig of ddr3 1600mhz
evga gtx 480
900w storm psu
new case with side rear and front fans.
win7 home premium

ive tryed everything i can think of. when i bought and installed the gtx 480 graphics card, it blew my psu. which was ace 700w. research suggested psu was inadequate? so i bought the 900w storm.

the problem i am having now is some crashing and alot of ( ingame reseting) as if some joker has pressed reset button. this happen when things get highly detail with alot going on. I am playing rome 2 total war. it seems to happen when you ignite projectile and 700 lit projectiles fly all at once. seem to overload and reset the system .

i recently noticed something, and before i go spending even more money i dont have, please can someone tell me if this is (very likely) the problem.

on the graphics card box, it says. minimum of 600w with at least 42 amps on a 12 volt rail. My storm is described as


so, is it 22amps? and not enough power on the 12v rail? causing the the hole system to fail when the graphics card is pushed by my game and sucks up all of the power?

i am seriously poor with understanding the electronics side of it, so any help from you guys would put me at peace with this dilemma.

the gtx has a converter for 12vx2 to 8 pin connector. i have tryed this on a single rail and spread across the 2 rails, no difference.gtx also has a 6 pin power supply which i have comming straight from the psu.

i have trialed with removal of ram. unplugged and replugged everything. reinstalled windows and drivers. etc i had windows professional installed at first, now i have put home premium on.

HELP! :(
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    Is that PSU even 80+ rated? I have never heard of the brand. And yes, that means 22 amps on the rail, which means that is a very low end PSU. That is the one part where you do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT SKIMP ON QUALITY. A bad PSU can fry the entire system, get a major brand, 750w should do, with all the proper connectors, of at least an 80+ Bronze rating. Something like this should be your bare minimum in quality for that system: but more ideal would be something like this, this is gold rated, which means an average of 90%+ efficiency.
  2. thank you very much buddy. my question is answered. mission over. :)
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