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I've heard and read many things about doing this. Some say it's better to just reinstall Windows, some recommend programs to mirror it over. I have an 80GB HDD with the OS on it. I want to put it on a 60GB SSD. I have games installed on the SSD, and some larger programs on the HDD that I would hate to have to get the discs back out and install again if I don't have to. I could give up the data on the SSD (Games) if it would make things easier, but prefer not to.
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  1. How much free space is on each?
  2. popatim said:
    How much free space is on each?

    34.6GB Free on the 80GB OS
    2.93GB Free on the 60GB

    I have a 320GB with 83GB Free too
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    You're going to need an external drive or two, or a stack of dvd's to burn an image to.

    backup both drives.
    clone the ssd to the hdd
    restore the hdd backup to the ssd

    now the sdd will be the boot drive and the hdd will have everything the ssd used to have.
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