760 vs 7950

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    id say get the 7950, it trades blows with the 760 in most games but you can get a 7950 cheaper than that. such as this 7950 here from XFX.

    However if that one is not available get this one from MSI

    However there are some reviews of a faulty fan sensopr on the MSi variant. i would reccommend the XFX edition, so wait for it to be in stock.
  2. 760 is more like sitting between 7950 and 7970 (non Ghz) but in general both are great for gaming. you can't go wrong going for either
  3. Will they run all games no problem?
  4. Also what is the overclock ability like on all these cards
  5. 7950 will be beast when overclock being considered. but personally i don't like buying cards based on it's overclock-ability because overclock is never a guarantee thing. heck even pre-overclocked card from factory (which usually guaranteed to run at it's overclocked frequency just fine) can be problematic
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