Help me identify this cable!

What is this cable (see link for pic)? One end is a standard 1/8inch speaker jack, and the other end looks like a wireless transmitter/receiver. Also, the other side of the 'wireless' end has a 3M adhesive sticker on it.
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  1. Could be bluetooth. No inscriptions on it, huh?
  2. Someone on the forum suggested that it is an infrared transmitter cable, and I think that may be right. I remember buying a TV tuner card 10 years ago with an infrared remote. My guess is it goes to that. Thanks for the thoughts!
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    It looks like an infrared receiver to me.

    IR Blaster for communicating with the remote control.
  4. And mystery solved: This was part of the Hauppage TV tuner I bought years ago. The cable was indeed part of the IR signal relay for the remote control:
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