My fps goes to about 10 on a certain part of mirrors edge and makes it unplayable?

it's only when gun shots are fired and glass breaks the game is unplayable is this because my gpu or processor isn't good enough

sorry i have a amd phenom x4 965 BE and evga gtx 650 SC 2gb
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  1. Well what GPU and processor do you have? That would help :)
  2. Try turning off PhysX in the video options menu. That solved my case of bad FPS in that game.
  3. Check the temperature of your CPU and GPU.
    It could be the cause of the problem.

    I'd suggest you download Speccy and start monitoring your stuff while gaming and see it from there.
  4. Temp was a great suggestion, also, dust can be an issue too (which makes for a higher temp)
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