Building a new I7 Haswell machine. Any reason I SHOULD put win 8 on it?

I have a samsung tablet with win 8, and it's ok for that. Touch screen. My daughters win 8 laptop without touch screen I HATE. I know there is win 8.1 around the corner, which will make it slightly more win 7ish, but I have a loathing for 8.
I am building the I7 so that it will be "good" for a LONG time. But, I feel that win 7 will get long in the tooth before the computer itself does.
Just sucks that microsoft had to screw up a good thing. I am very conflicted on which system to run...
Oh Well.
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  1. Maybe try a dual- or multi- boot system? Or how about running multiple OS's thru free Oracle VirtualBox. These would give you OS choices on the same box. Just some ideas. Best of luck.
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    If you hate win 8 so much then just ignore it. Stick with 7 until microsoft releases something that you like. I have 7 and 8 machines...personally I think 8 is fine, but I also don't feel like my 7 machines are missing anything.

    I don't see any solid reasons that you will need 8. So just use what makes you happy :)
  3. If your primary goal is games. Windows 7 or 8 doesn't make a whole lot of difference. You are going to spend all of your time in a full screen application or on the desktop. Start menu only comes into it rarely.

    There are also third party applications like Classic Shell that will make it look practically identical to Windows 7.

    Only possible issue is if Microsoft maintains its stance on Direct X versions past 11. As of now DX 11.1 is only available to Windows 8.
  4. If you're building a dual monitor system, the Metro part of Win8 is of little consequence. On boot, the primary monitor shows Metro, and the other monitor shows a regular desktop. One click on the desktop side, and Metro disappears. You are presented with a full, two screen desktop, just like in Win 7.

    I can go days and days without seeing or using the Metro interface.
    Oft used applications pinned to the autohide taskbar, or icons on the desktop.
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