Laptop Freezing and making weird buzzing sounds while watching videos/games

Hi first time posting on this site!
So lately I have been getting random freezes on my laptop computer while either watching videos on (dailymotion) or fullscreen VLC or playing games (not like high demand games just League of Legends (lowest quality everything)). I would have to wait for around 3-4 minutes before it unfreezes and in the case of gaming I would have to restart.. My current setup is a laptop connected to 1680x1050 monitor through VGA for about half a year now and it has been fine. It would sometimes freeze but it would only happen once in a while. Now it happens constantly where I would have to either reset or wait the duration for my computer to unfreeze. When the freezing starts it would have a weird buzzing or slow motion buzzing sound(of the video) coming through the speakers/headphones that I was watching. I) I already took my laptop apart and cleaned everything but the problem still persists. Help?

Laptop Specs:
Sony-Vaio VPCEB24FD
Processor: Intel Core i3 CPU m-350 @2.27Ghz (4cpus) ~2.3ghz
4GB of kingston DDR3 PC3-10700 ram 2GBx2
500GB harddrive
Graphics: Integrated graphics (intel graphics media accelerator HD approx memory 1751mb
screen res: 1680x1050 (32bit)(59hz)
running on Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit(6.1 build 7601)
Direct X 11
Temperature of Cores (when watching videos full screen)
Core:#0 - 41 degrees c
Core#1 - 53 degrees c
I can't figure out the problem really need your help! Thanks!
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    Try reinstalling your intel hd graphics drivers. Sounds like something went wrong during the last installation.
  2. okay I'm on to that thanks!
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