14°C with Noctua D14 and FX8350??

I just upgraded my rig and stuck a Noctua D14 on a FX8350. Before I overclock it, I wanted to see what kind of temps I would get. I'm looking on Hardware Monitor and it's showing my idle temps are about 15°C...And while running prime 95 for about 30 minutes, the temps never got over 38°C. Do these temps sound correct? I know the Noctua is a great cooler and it is my first one that isn't stock so I'm used to higher numbers. Thanks for any replies!
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  1. Those are fantastic live in a freezer? ;)
  2. Should be i'd figure, Prime 95 maxes the CPU to 100% load so a stable temp of 38c on air is great, especially for Piledriver which isn't exactly the best in terms of power consuption and heat output (though it's improved over Bulldozer).
  3. hard to believe those temps unless you are living in alaska. whats your ambient room temp? AMD cpu temps are not always reported accurately. check the socket temp on the motherboard's onboard sensors and see what temps are being reported.
  4. For the CPU temperature to be at 15C idle, your room temperature has to be less than 15C. If your room is warmer than that then you know for sure you have bogus temperature readings.
  5. FX's are know to read low below 30c after that they are quite accurate gaining accuracy as temp increases. As I type this HWMonitor shows my 4.5Ghz 6300 idling at 19c in a 26c room with only a 212 Evo lol.
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    Apparently, 8350s don't read the correct core temps, particularly at lower temperatures. 38 is a pretty good number, but I take it you haven't overclocked the chip yet. I'm running at 62 max running at 100% for over an hour, but I am overclocked to 4.5 GHz.
  7. Thanks for all the quick replies. It does make more sense that it's more accurate as the temp gets higher. Time for me to get the overclock stability tests going. Thanks again!
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