Razer Mamba vs. Ouroboros vs. Deathadder 2013

I am building a new gaming pc in two months and need to decide on a mouse. I am pretty much stuck with Razer. Everything I have gotten from them has been amazing, so I want to stay with them. I will go into the reasons why I want each of them:

Vey customizable
Looks great
Great sensor

Wireless and Wired
Good for big hands (which I have)
Nice rubberized finish

Good for FPS
Great reviews everywhere
Love the LED's
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    I recently picked up a Razer DeathAdder because my last mouse died on me. It just feels very comfortable when it sits in your hand and I have big hands too. It serves all my gaming/media needs. I would definitely suggest the DeathAdder.

    I took a look at the Mamba and it looks exactly like a Deathadder with 2 extra buttons and wireless. I would stick with the DeathAdder if I didn't need an extra 2 buttons, didn't mind having a cable (or rummaging around my desk looking for the wire connection when battery died in middle of something), and it's cheaper.

    I can't say much about the Ouroboros. I would only get it if I am very (I mean very) picky on how my hand sits on the mouse (I find that DeathAdder fits just perfectly already in my hand).

    I hope that helps!
  2. i see no reason to get the ouroboros for a customizable mouse when there is the rat 7 or rat 9 if you NEED wireless. the deathadder is supposed to be pretty nice for fps. the mamba has extra software features i believe such as multible presents and on the fly dpi swithcing.
  3. 3 years with my microsoft sidewinder x8, and still fraggin. i wish there could be something just like that plain, simple loading cable using magnet, and battery lasted like 2 days of gaming in regular use is like 3 days, it worked in almost every type of material. but now almost 5 years after yes FIVE years after it doesn't charge the battery anymore and someissues when i'm like 1 meters away from the signal base. i wish the bring the sidewinder x16 i would get that one, in a flash
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