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I am looking for a processor. I was reading about the fx6300 and it seems to be quiet good. However, I see that AMD has eight core processors. I will mainly be using the pc for games, streaming video from my pc to the tv. Maybe some slight video recording for youtube.

Which processor is the best one to get? I am on a budget and already invested in a GTX 670 video card. I pretty sure all the cpu's will not cause a bottleneck in the card.

I do not plan on overclocking now, but might do so in the future. I play mostly fps, and looking for something that will run games like BF4 and COD on their best setttings.

Please give me some feedback. I want to purchase the processor and MB asap.
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  1. Perfomance : 8350 > 6300
    Oveclock value : 6300 >8350

    For your needs 6300 will be a good fit, but not so futureproof as 8350
  2. How much life does the fx 6300 have in it compared to the fx 8350? Also how useful are the extra two cores ?
  3. Most games barely utilize 4 cores, so both of these two will work fine. How futureproof a build is relates also to your demands...
  4. For your purposes, the 6300 will work just as well, if not better than the others (it will probably overclock higher). It should last you a good long while, and you can always sell and upgrade later if you feel the need, until something you do or play needs more than 6 threads, a 6300 will work fine...i don't think that's coming for a while (though 8 thread consoles could change that). I can say from when i had a 6300, the only things that ever taxed it were transcodes and renders, other than that it never got much exercise.
  5. I bought the fx 8350. I figured it would be better to buy now since I am building a system from scratch.
  6. The 8350 is a great cpu and the 2 extra cores will handle multitasking and multithreaded applications better, and you get an extra FPU to use in games (although the difference isn't that much I think). And besides, you get an extra .5 ghz without having to overclock.
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    You won't be sorry you got the FX-8350. I have one and I love it. Sure, it can't touch an i7 but I can't be bothered sinking that much money into a CPU that won't give me an appreciable increase in performance based on my computer usage habits. The real reason I picked up the FX-8350 was because TigerDirect had it on sale for $180CAD but then made a mistake and gave it to me for the US listed price of $170. An FX-8350 at $180 is (for me) impossible to pass up to begin with. Getting one for $170? I would go without food for 2 days just to get it. LOL
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