Windows 8 instability (BSOD, etc) after installing new motherboard and CPU.

Hello everyone, I recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU from a ASROCK board and i5 2500k processor to a Gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H board and i7 4470k processor. My 8gb stayed the same along with my Radeon 7870 video card.

Before upgrading my computer it ran beautifully, but I wanted to future proof it for a while so I decided to upgrade. However, since I've upgraded I've come across many instability issues. After a clean install of windows 8 x64 I booted into the desktop just fine but once I'm there it all goes to crap. Windows explorer crashes a lot and I can barely access the cd the motherboard came with. Everytime I try to open it windows explorer just takes a crap. I tried installing my video card drivers, but I can't run the keeps saying windows smart glass (or w/e) stopped it from running, which has never happened to me in the history of ever. Even after I click on running it anyways I get another error saying the download was messed up or something when it downloaded without any problems.

I'm at a loss right now and I don't know what's causing thiss. I think it's a hardware related problem, but i don't know where to start. All of the cables seem to be in the right place and fastened tightly. I just don't understand what's going one with this. I'm hoping it's more the motherboard than the CPU seeing how it cost me a pretty penny to purchase. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone.
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    Can you boot into Safe mode? - Press f8 during boot process, just after your BIOS screen. If it's stable in there, it tells me there's some software which is giving you shit.
  2. i just want to add if after pressing F8 you get a stable windows : there is an app or driver causing it . try to review each step of apps / drivers and leave restore point option on . use your windows for a while after each new sw installation . if you got the problem you know what sw is causing it and then just use restore point to go back the last step .
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