bLue screen problem

hi i have toshiba L305, i buy this for a second hand and doesnt have a windows at aLL so when i buy it,i was surprised when it bLack and the windows gone ! so i need to format it every month ! and then after a year using it fine ,it become bLue screen ! i format it many times , but still the same and getting worse coz sometimes in just a minuts,or when just opening the bluescreen came out again !!
pls kindLy help me !! thanks a lot !!

Lara :)
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    well it would help with some error codes. How about you run memtest86 overnight to check your RAM... then monitor your Temps and voltages.
  2. hi thanks for the information!,i would be happy if u can tell me how to run the memtest86 ??? im sorry i didnt know much thanks for help !
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