DNS Server not responding - Strong router connection, but intermittent internet access

I'm having problems with my laptop connecting to my router to use wifi. I can get a strong connection to the router, but intermittent Internet access. When I have troubleshooted this issue, I get a message saying that the DNS server is not responding.

These are the things I've tried:
- Checked the Internet protocol version 6 and version 4 to make sure the DNS server and IP address is obtained automatically.
- Opened a cmd window: used
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  1. Yes, connection works perfectly when connected directly. It's just the wireless that I'm having problems with
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    Sounds like the standard interference issue. Pretty much you run something like INNSIDER and choose a channel with the fewest other users. Wireless has no concept of DNS so you are just getting unlucky when you get those errors it is likely losing many types of traffic but only complaining about DNS
  3. I've downloaded inSSIDer, and was wondering how I go about changing the channel of the selected wifi? Thanks!
  4. Its a setting in the router
  5. Hello...

    I have same problem,
    I think that you need to free your mac Address.
    Please Request your ISP(Internet Service Provider) to free your MAC Address.

    i request for it and Now internet is working fine in my laptop.
  6. Switching to different internet providers can cause issues. I assume its the operating systems in the modems. My computer would work when directly connected but not with my Netgear (WiFi). My solution was not to use the windows troubleshooter, but instead login to your router itself. I.E. Open your web browser and type in user name and password on the back of the router. Then go to your intrenet selection inside the router and let it change itself to match your modem. It should fix itself automatically. Hope that helps ya
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