Can I remove the 32bit version program folder from my solid state boot drive? My system is 64bit.. running out of space

I am running Windows 7 and have a 128GB Solid State boot drive "C". I also have 2 - 2TB hard drives and 8 GB Ram. I frequently get error messages that my drive memory is low. I would like to clean up this "C" drive.

My 64 Bit Program folder is 11.2 GB and my 32 Bit (x86) folder is 7 GB. Can I save space and memory by deleting or moving the Program Files (x86) folder?

In windows explorer some of my folder options are blue and some are black.... ?

Thanks for your assistance
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  1. That's where everything you install is located, you would be deleting 7Gb of programs that you probably use. Go through the list and find out which programs are biggest, uninstall them, then reinstall them to one of your 2Tb drives.
  2. Move the page file to your HDD and disable hibernation, then delete the 2 relevant files from the C drive.
  3. if you delete that folder youll lose much data and may corrupt your system. even though you are on a 64bit system doesnt mean its all 64 bit... over 70% of all programs are still 32 bit, which your 64 bit system still runs 32 bit.
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    Also disable swap/page file on C: and create a static sized one on D:

    Blue files/folders mean they are compressed.

    If don't hibernate your pc, disable it, open command prompt as admin and run command " powercfg -hibernate off "
  5. You have accounted for 18gb of programs, and you have perhaps 20gb for windows itself.

    Where did the rest go?

    Normally one does not have a problem with 120gb.
    Enable display of hidden system files and try to document the big users.
  6. Thank you all for your KWIK responses. I barely submitted my question and you all replied. I have cleaned up the drive in a few other areas to make it more efficient. Thanks again...
  7. Installing any program makes MANY changes to a computer. It doesn't just create a folder in "program files" and dump everything inside. You can move your program folder wherever you want it but at this point you will have to uninstall each program and re-install to the new location. Also, none of the shortcuts for the old location will work. In the future you will need to brows to the hew location when given that option during program installation.
  8. Also, after each monthly Windows Updates, delete anything found under c:\windows\softwaredistribution\downloads
  9. Thank you all again I have now reclaimed almost 20 GB of space and not touched either (32 or 64Bit) program folder. I have also regained the solid state speed.
  10. das_stig said:
    Also, after each monthly Windows Updates, delete anything found under c:\windows\softwaredistribution\downloads

    There are several folders in that directory besides downloads. Are you saying to delete them also?
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