good psu and case for build

My build:

amd fx 8320
gigabyte ga 970a ds3
gskill 4gb 1600mhz ram
wd blue 500gb hdd
asus nvidia gt440 ddr5 192bit
corsair vs450 (will this psu be fine with my build?)

also, i need a case that will fit everything in and has good cooling. preferably something that is a bang for the buck. thanks!
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  1. Yes, that PSU is fine for your specs. What site would you purchase a case from?
  2. i will be editing video with this build though and someone here before advised me that i should get cx series instead. the problem is at my local computer shops they only have the 600w available. do you think the vs450 do fine with video editing work? and as for the case, i'll be buying from my local computer shop, they have these cases available that are within my price range:

    thermaltake v2-s w/ 450 watts p.s.
    sunbeam ventmax with 5 12cm fans
    silverstone ps08w matx white usb 3.0
    silverstone rl01 usb 3.0
    coolermaster k350
    coolermaster n200
    coolermaster elite 361 desktop, 343 matx, 334 nvidia, 311 plus, and 120 mini itx usb 3.0
    Coolermaster CMP 350 w/ 400 watts P.S
    CM Storm Scout II Black Window USB 3.0
    AeroCool Telum White Edition USB 3.0
    Antec One S3 USB 3.0
    Antec VSK-4000B
    AeroCool Strike X One Advance USB 3.0

    im sorry if that list was too long but im really confused as to which one i should get
  3. CM Storm Scout II Black Window USB 3.0
  4. thanks but could you specify why?
  5. Best answer
    Because it's a well designed case for airflow and cable management , and also very sturdy.
  6. thank you
  7. Your welcome!
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