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I built a system a couple of years ago using the ASUS M2N68AM motherboard.
At the time, I ordered all new parts but a slightly used IDE DVD Drive.
It had been working fine up until now, where I started noticing that it was not showing up.
Upon further investigation, I noticed it wasn't even found in the BIOS but the drive have power (to open the tray).
Then i have checked dvd drive on another system and its working very fine.
then i thought my bios may be have some problem then i have updated bios but still facing problem?
i have also checked new dvd drive (IDE ) and it is also working fine with my motherboard, now what should i do?
My motherboard is detecting another (new) IDE dvd drive and my old IDE dvd drive working fine with another system.
please guide what should i do?
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  1. It sounds to me like both systems are working fine. If I were you I'd find something fun to do.
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