ASUS GTX 780 DCUII Classroom Experiment.

Hello all!

I am currently taking a Science Research class in my sophomore year, and I need to finalize this experiment. I wanted to do something different than, "Biology," and stuff >.>, so I decided on computers. I am going to be doing some bench marking with it for the experiment, however I don't know what factors to change.

I was going to change fan speed, but that wouldn't provide sufficient or variant enough results.

My main idea is involving something with Voltage and Clock control. Is there something along the lines of: "If the Voltage is decreased, then the overall performance will increase" or, "If the ratio of Voltage to Clock is smaller, then the overall performance will decrease."

Anything along those lines. I totally love computers, thus since computers is totally science in itself, I believe it would be a perfect grade (might even do CPU next year ^_^).

I thank any help in advance! :D
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  1. It's voltage locked. So voltage can't be your independent variables.
  2. So you basically wanna overclock it?
  3. Yeah. And since when was it voltage locked? I have never seen that statement before O.o.

    I'm basically just trying to figure out what the topic should state what I'm doing. It's literally taking a benchmark and making it scientific, in other words.
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