Turning an LED case fan into a usb fan so it will light up and move air

I saw an old post here but it really wasn't answered well. I am building a laptop stand with my woodworking father-in-law and I want to use 2 200mm LED green fans for the top. I want to take the wires from the case fans and splice them so they can be powered by a USB cable plugged into my laptop. I want them to still be able to light up. What is the best way to accomplish this? It may have to be powered by a 2 or 3 prong electrical cord that plugs into a wall socket. I can live with that. Please help me by telling me that this can be done or not be done. If it can't be done, then my fans that I purchase will not have LEDs with them. If it can, please explain how. Thanks. BTW the laptop is an Alienware M17X R2.
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  1. or you would need to step down from 120vac to 12v and around .5a if you plugged it into the wall.

    which would require a power supply or transformer and perhaps some resistors. you could also use a rheobus to raise/lower the fan speeds.
  2. Where can I find these solutions online? This sounds complicated. This is my current laptop stand but one of the wires came loose and my husband will have to fix it. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007M6TT6Q/ref=oh_details_o08_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. It is a large fan - probably a 200mm and it lights up blue. It is USB and I plug it into my laptop and it runs just fine. This may be a special type of fan for this laptop stand that the company had manufactured. The 2 fans I am getting light up green. The stand that I am helping to build will be taller than my current adjustable stand and will have the capability of being tilted and be able to slide forward where the laptop sits.
  3. I really want to run the 2 200mm LED green fans in this build. Been watching some videos on youtube.com to see how it works. I am hoping my husband can figure this out. We would have to attach the unit to the surface of the stand - probably underneath where the fans will be mounted. I am also hoping that it can run 2 fans or would I need 2 of these units?
  4. http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=29393

    These are discontinued on newegg.com, where I was going to buy them. I believe I can still get them from the link above.
  5. I just found this on eBay. I wonder if these would work. I would probably need 2 but I don't care that 2 USB slots will be taken up. I have a wireless mouse that uses 1 slot and for gaming a headset that uses 1 slot. The M17X has 3 slots. http://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-INPUT-5V-OUTPUT-12V-Step-Up-Boost-Power-supply-DC5V-to-12V-Router-Smart-Home-/330987439756
  6. Oh that is frustrating. How the heck to the manufacturers of laptop coolers do this? They use 12v fans and they are run through USB. Maybe I could figure out how to plug the fans straight into a wall outlet. What would I need for that?
  7. Too bad these are not available to the public. I would hate to spend a bunch of money on a laptop cooler pad just to tear it apart. Maybe I could just buy a cooler pad and place it on top of the stand and then the laptop on top of that. make the bottom stop part wide enough to keep the pad and laptop from slipping when in a tilted position.
  8. or just use 120vac fans.......
  9. There has to be a way I can do this so I can use the larger LED fans. I will continue to look around on different forums and see what I can find. Thank you everyone for your suggestions.
  10. I have an iplex laptop cooler with 200mm fan in it, and its really good.
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